Honoring Indigenous Roots, Embracing Shared Humanity

In recognition of the rich tapestry of cultures that have graced our lands for countless generations, we pay our respects to our ancestors, the Indigenous peoples, the original custodians of this Earth. With silence, stillness, and deep reverence, we honour our ancestors’ wisdom, traditions, and resilience, paying tribute and being grateful for the footprints that have guided us to this present.

As we reflect on the past, grounded in this moment, we pledge to walk towards a future rooted in equity and empathy. We acknowledge the painful chapters of history and stand committed to fostering healing, restoration and understanding among all human beings. With clear minds, hearts open, and arms extended, we embark on a journey to build bridges of unity where every voice is heard, every story cherished, and every life valued with sincerity.

Just as our ancestors shared the interconnectedness of all living beings, we vow to preserve and protect our cultures and planet, recognizing that the well-being of one is intricately linked to the well-being of all. Let us forge ahead, learning from the past, adjusting now, embracing each other’s differences, and fostering a world where compassion and justice flourish.

In tribute to those who came before us and in dedication to the generations yet to come, let us stand united, driven by the common threads that bind us as one human family.

With reverence, hope, and genuine regard, Solace.

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