African Indigenous Relics (AIR) Touring Exhibition

Welcome to the African Indigenous Relics (AIR) Touring Exhibition, a unique showcase of Indigenous Antiquities from African and Caribbean cultures. This captivating exhibition is set to grace Downsview Park and tour across Canada, uniting people through art and culture. In tandem with this, we’re excited to announce our partnership for a groundbreaking digital media Non-Fungible Token (NFT) platform, in collaboration with Downsview Media House Ltd and other stakeholders. Together, we aim to build a physical and virtual museum, fostering unity and cohesion while celebrating Canada’s diverse heritage. “Community is unwavering.”

To bring people together through art, allowing them to explore and appreciate the rich world of African and Caribbean art and culture. Our exhibition, AIR, showcases the mosaic of Indigenous and modern art forms, enriching Canadian heritage through education and engagement.

The AIR Exhibit, headquartered at Toronto’s Downsview Park, aspires to lead global conversations by curating collections, exhibitions, and programs. We aim to shed light on the African and Caribbean communities in Canada and around the world.

Core Values:

  • Lead with Quality and Fairness: We are committed to providing the highest quality experiences and exhibits while upholding the principles of fairness and inclusivity.
  • Human Development and Empowerment: We believe in empowering individuals and communities through the transformative power of art.
  • Lead with Contemporary Relevance: Our exhibitions stay current, reflecting the ever-evolving art landscape.
  • Achieve Financial Equilibrium: We strive for financial sustainability to ensure the longevity of our mission.
  • Add Value to Canada’s Cultural Mosaic and Heritage: We are dedicated to contributing to the richness and diversity of Canada’s cultural tapestry.
  • Arts for Social Impact: We recognize the potential of art to drive positive change in society, and we’re dedicated to leveraging this impact.

Explore the beauty and significance of African and Caribbean art at the AIR Exhibit and join us on this incredible journey of discovery. Together, we’ll celebrate unity, diversity, and the power of culture.

The Wise King of ancient antiquity NFT (Premium collection for museum repository) Produced By Downsview Media House Ltd. CO AIR Exhibit



The African Indigenous Relics (AIR) Exhibit shares culturally rich and diverse artifacts
of more than 200 hundred objects with audiences throughout Africa, the Caribbean,
and Canada. We appeal to the global audience via our Virtual Museum showcasing
West African Myths and Destiny premium NFT Collection produced by Canadian and
Indigenous peers to contribute to our touring exhibitions. Our AIR Exhibit is a touring
museum designed to share genuine artifacts from indigenous groups across Africa,
the Caribbean and Canada.


To bring people and institutions together with art to visualize, experience and understand the
world of African and Caribbean art and culture and its diverse cultural mosaic of Indigenous
and modern art forms by presenting AIR and Art, facilitating learning, enriching Canadian heritage and
supporting inter provincial and international cultural cohesion and exchange.

The Opportunity:

To share our heritage and culture on a journey from the “Fatherland” Cameroon) to add value to the vibrant African Caribbean Community and culture across Canada. We are launching our museum and exhibit in Downsview Park. We have made a connection with the African Caribbean
community and government in Halifax, where it is noted that the earliest documented settlement of African Caribbean settlers took place. This was to mark and celebrate the artifacts’ arrival and
initiate the commencement of our rolling exhibition across Canada.

A Need

Toronto is one of the most diverse cities in Canada, with one of the largest African Caribbean communities calling it home. Statistics Canada states that 442,015 people (36.9% of Canada’s African Caribbean population) reported living in Toronto. Despite having such a large number, this group has minimal access to cultural spaces celebrating and showcasing their rich art and culture locally and abroad. There is nowhere to turn in the search for history and heritage in the search for identity. There are limited options in the search for culture. We are in a desert. There is a need to create
and provide a space for all Canadians to learn more
about AIR, Art and culture.

The Solutions

The establishment of the AIR Museum and the success of the AIR Touring Exhibit will aid in cultural cohesion and a positive sense of identity for the African Caribbean, Canadian, and indigenous people
interprovincially and abroad. When conflict, Truth, and Reconciliation are at the forefront of many agendas, we need art and culture to not only soothe us into peace but remind us of the healing power of appreciation for others. Art is one of the ways we have as humans to share across cultures to relate to each other without limits or boundaries.

The AIR Museum Will help establish Canadian Heritage and culture.
The Virtual AIR Museum Will increase global access to our showcase and add to its sustainability.
West African Myths and Destiny premium NFT Collection Will help monetize, train and hone artists’ skills.
The AIR Touring Exhibit Will increase access by taking the show on the road, collecting and sharing art and culture across Canada.

Touring Exhibition

The journey began in the remote villages of the “Fatherland” Cameroon. The Artifacts embody the spirit of humanity in their indigenous expressions. African Indigenous Relics AIR Exhibit aims to connect with the African Caribbean community throughout Canada, starting in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where it is noted that the earliest documented settlement of Indigenous settlers took place. AIR will contribute to our rich cultural mosaic of those who reside here and prompt cultural cohesion of the global village.

The Museum

African Indigenous Artifacts and the virtual AIR Museum will be among the first of a kind. We will also showcase our growing collection of artifacts, digitize them for sustainability, and add
them to our virtual AIR Museum and NFT repository. Hosted in a virtual space, we will increase the access to the collection.

“The AIR from Africa to Canada to the world.”

AIR/ART for Social Awareness

AIR Exhibit Artifact named “Teyet” Posing in Province House Nova Scotia next to a portrait of the Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II August 2022.

A Tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives.
Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. [John 14:27]

AIR Exhibit Artifact named “Teyet” Posing in Art Gallery of Nova Scotia next to Exhibit titled The Very Mention of Home by Deanne Fitzpatrick August 2022.,they%20are%20also%20about%20loss.

AIR Exhibit Artifact named “Teyet” posing in photo with Curator &
Director Antonius Clarke and MP Andy Fillmore Team August 2022.