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  • After School Essentialor Tutoring with a Kick! TWAK

This innovated afterschool program engages children ages 6-12 years old, through sports, arts, nutrition and academic activities.  We create a safe, fun, learning environment where children build positive relationships, participate in anti-bullying, stranger danger and other leadership skill building workshops.

ASE provides students with a structured consistent place to be afterschool.  This greatly increases their attitude towards learning and their school community.

“There is a strong association between education and positive health status. People with higher levels of education tend to be healthier. Early school leavers experience greater unemployment, lower incomes, poor health, and lower quality of life.” Rachel Singer, Campaign 2000 The Impact of poverty on The Health of Children and Youth.




At FIT we believe that Summer and March Break Camps are an important part of every child’s experience.  For that reason, we create a warm and supportive environment where kids can express their individuality, grow in self-confidence and build friendships. Participants can expect to be engaged in a wide variety of field trips, sports, arts and team building activities.

Our Camps incorporate a right to play and child centred philosophy.  In order to motivate and really get participants learning, we ensure that our camp staff have a passion for children & Youth and are innovative in creating a fun, learning experience.

We provide a variety of camps for ages 6-15 years old, these include:

FIT Kids Summer Camp

March Break Camp

P.A. Day Camp

We work with families to ensure that special needs are met and supported, please contact us with any questions or to register for a camp program.

For more information or to register for Children’s programs please contact: info@fitcs.org



I-connect – is a unique program that promotes mental health wellness for Black and racialized youth ages 14-19 years old, through innovative media arts activities that examines the connections between anti-black racism their lived experiences, thoughts, emotions and actions.

SiStalk – is a leadership development program that strengthens the voice of girl’s, ages 12-16, through fun thought challenging and culturally responsive activities and craftsthat provides opportunity for self expression, decision making, and critical thinking.



Pro-ject  youth is an arts based program for youth 13-24 that provides a platform for youth to develop improved self-awareness, creative expression and  communication skills through media arts.

Participants learn from qualified educators, project management, work plan development and collaboration skills.

Through the creation of their media artwork, participants gain technical skills such as video production, story board creation, script writing and photo editing.  Participants will also learn how to use Video & Photo editing computer software.

We have seen art transform people, communities and cities.  Through this program participants are believing in their abilities and gaining skills that that lead them to becoming the problem solvers, critical thinkers, and leaders of tomorrow.

See some of our workhttps://www.youtube.com/user/fitcommfit/feed?view_as=public


The program is aimed at youth 12-17 years old at the time of the offence. It provides direct service and networking support along a continuum from pre-custody to re-integration. We are a source of community information through public education, consultations and workshops/training.  We support the re-integrative measures of the Criminal justice system through the following services:

Extra Judicial Sanctions (EJS)

Instead of going through the court system, first-time and minor offenders have the opportunity to participate in Extra Judicial Sanctions (EJS) programs. Each year we provide community placements and programming for young people charged under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. Youth can be referred to one or both of our EJS programs.

Community Service Order (CSO)

This program is offered to youth who have been sanctioned to complete a specific amount of community service hours. We place and supervise youth in community based and non-profit agencies to ensure they successfully complete their required hours.

For more information, to register or to make a referral to a Youth Justice program

Please contact:

Youth Justice Coordinator


Our Education Programs and Services are developed to respond to the needs of students within  the local schools in the community. Participants and clients identified a strong need for advocacy on several gaps in education, primarily frequent suspensions and expulsions faced by racialized students, academic streaming and a lack of parental involvement or informed consent in students’ IEP/IPRC placements.

 Education programs:

 Girls Academic Achievement Program (GAAP) –

Designed for high school females students GAAP works with the students, teachers and support staff, to implement education and social supports in order to increase success of female students entering post secondary education.

Visionary Award:

Each year F.I.T. grants a Bursary to a young person who is graduating from High School, who has overcome significant obstacles, by demonstrating a strong desire to achieve and vision for their future. This award acknowledges that it takes a lot more than “grades” to succeed, but requires strength, determination and resiliency.

Can you make a space where we can put the picture of the person who receved the award and space for a few words.


P.I.E – Parents Involved In Education

PIE is a program designed to provide parents and guardians with knowledge, support and tools that will help them to develop the confidence needed to increase to increase their involvement, understanding and self advocacy in their children’s education and school-community.

Participants learn how to understand report cards, special education, become involved in school council and events.

When parents play an active role in education their children experience greater academic success and schools become better places to be.

  • Sisters In Solidarity (S.I.S.)

SIS is a program designed to bring women together in a safe space where they are able to share their experiences, knowledge, and skills with each other.  Through monthly activities, events and training we are focused on building and improving upon the awareness, knowledge and skills of women in our community.

Women all over the world are challenged by a number of obstacles that restrict their ability to play significant roles in their communities and the broader society.   Through S.I.S we discuss those challenges and work collectively to reduce these barriers and to empower.

We know that healthy, educated, employed women break poverty cycles, not only for themselves, but for their families, communities and countries.

Attend our Annual SIS TALK  Event SIS TALk event

To Join or for more information please contact


or call 647-225-3982

visit our face book page https://www.facebook.com/groups/SISfit/


At FIT we a particular way of working with and supporting communities – to build skills and experience, increase opportunities, and enhance involvement in the decisions that affect them, this is called Building Community Capacity.

This can involve developing confidence, skills, structures and knowledge, to increase the opportunities communities have to make a real difference to the services, activities and changes that take place in their area.

We provide training for Community residents, groups and for Professional Development.

Community Capacity PROJECTS: Coming Soon

Community Capacity TRAINING: Coming Soon


Financial Literacy of Women (F.L.O.W) –

Get with the F.L.O.W

This program is a workshop delivered on an ongoing basis, designed to provide women managing on a low income access to current and relevant information that leads to better understanding of money management skills in their lives.

The Financial Literacy of Women Program fosters women’s self worth through group and individual support with skills such as budgeting, debt reduction, goal setting, building assets, coping strategies, and stress management. The financial literacy workshops and individual support through this program help women to thrive in the community.



Building Connections – An Anti-Oppression Dialogue

Building connections is a participatory anti-oppression training designed to generate authentic comprehensive change in order to enhance the knowledge and awareness of how oppression impacts the workplace and the community. Through this training, participants will have an opportunity to reflect on their lived experiences and examine how that translates into the workplace. As a result they will work harmoniously to create strategies and tools that lead to reducing barriers, and increasing equity within their environment.


From the Grassroots – Helping communities organize

FIT conducts a series of learning workshops designed to support the development of local community groups, coalitions and grassroots agencies.   These workshops are developed to meet the unique needs of your group.  Workshops can be half a day, one day or two days. Learning workshops help professionals, volunteers and local citizens to:

  • build their understanding of community development,
  • develop practical skills in engaging with communities,
  • better deal with the practical realities of community work – understanding power, managing conflict, interpersonal skills, group development and encouraging participation.

The workshops are action-oriented, focusing on participants enhancing their skills to take practical action in their local community. The workshops involve comprehensive learning with extensive participation and many practical case studies and community experiences. They are designed to cater for a diverse range of participants – some with extensive experience and others with perhaps mostly intuitive knowledge.


The Positive Parenting provides a series of workshop topics designed to help parent(s) and guardians develop a greater range of skills, knowledge, and resources to make parenting a positive experience for both parent and child.

Workshop topics are:

Behaviour & Discipline– As a parent, it is your job to guide your child’s behavior, but it can sometimes be hard to find the right balance of discipline and care.  Through this interactive

workshop parents/guardians work together to identify their parenting style and how that

affects their child(ren).  Parents/Guardians share their experiences gain communication skills and develop tools that can be used to address unwanted behaviours.

Raising BoysTo support family development and parents in their effort to raise their sons, we are

providing workshops on the growth and development of boys. This workshop will take current

research on boys and incorporate material from leading experts to help parents and caregivers

understand and support boys.  The goal is to increase parent awareness of the importance of cultivating and instilling positive behaviors that will lead to higher academic achievement and strong emotional and social well-being

 Understanding Special Education– Each child has different needs, but all children need and deserve a supportive environment. If your child has a learning or developmental disability, it’s important that you advocate for their social and academic success.  Areas discussed in this workshop are: ADHD; Autism; Learning Disabilities; Special Education and Individual Education Plans (I.E.P’s)

As a result of our Workshop participants:

Discover and expand their creativity
• Connect with their sense of purpose
• Develop their leadership skills
• Learn ways to become active in their communities
• Speak out about issues that matter to them

To schedule or inquire about a workshop please contact

or call: 647-225-3982



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